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ProLog: Athens to New London

Photo donated by Juan Ortiz
The Half Moon travels under the Brooklyn Bridge.

As any experienced volunteer with the Half Moon knows, Voyages of Discovery actually begin long before the students step on board. A great deal of preparation goes into any trip aboard a sailing vessel. Before our student crew can board the ship, we have to transport the Half Moon from its usual environs on the Hudson River to New London, Connecticut, where the Voyage of Discovery awaits.

If one follows a Voyage of Discovery by reading the Daily Log, then perhaps one might call the account of a following voyage home... the ProLog!

Meet the crew of the Athens NY to New London CT voyage!

Meet the Crew

Many thanks to the 19 crew members who lent a hand to bring the Half Moon back to the Connecticut River.

Voyage Logs

Date Travel Locations/Events
June 27 Travel from Athens, NY to Bay Ridge Flats, New York Harbor.
June 28 Travel through East River and Hellsgate; enter 24-hour sail mode.
June 29 Anchor at Duck Island Roads; rest; travel to Gardiners Bay.
June 30 Half Moon arrives at New London, CT.
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