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EpiLog: East Hartford to Hudson

As any experienced volunteer with the Half Moon knows, Voyages of Discovery actually begin long before the students step on board. A great deal of preparation goes into any trip aboard a sailing vessel. With the 2009 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery and a successful week of dockside programs behind us, we must return to the Hudson River to continue our quadricentennial celebrations.

If one follows a Voyage of Discovery by reading the Daily Log, then perhaps one might call the account of the subsequent voyage home... the EpiLog!

Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew

Many thanks to the 25 crew members and two special guests who lent a hand to sail the Half Moon back home to the Hudson River.

Voyage Logs

Date Travel Locations/Events
July 17 Travel from East Hartford, CT to Long Island Sound; enter 24-hour sail.
July 18 Follow the East River to Raritan Bay; sail up the Hudson to the Palisades.
July 19 Rest at the Palisades; continue upriver to King Marine in Verplanck, NY.
July 20 Reprovision at Verplanck; travel through the Highlands to Newburgh, NY.
July 21 Travel from Newburgh to Poughkeepsie, NY.
July 22 Travel from Poughkeepsie to Cementon, NY.
July 23 Half Moon arrives at Hudson, NY at 3 PM.
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