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Half Moon Daily Log

A cloudy sky reflected in the Hudson's waters off the Half Moon's beak.

Welcome to the ships's log for the 2009 River Day Voyage. You can read a brief event schedule here, or click on the links below to view each day's log in detail.

In the upper right-hand corner of each log entry, you'll find that day's "Events at a Glance" sidebar; this schedule is a more detailed version of the information below, presented to help you follow the ship's progress -- and perhaps to help plan your own festivities! Each Events at a Glance sidebar includes the ship's route, public dockside activities, and recommended viewing points along the way.

We'll offer Running Updates through the day to provide up-to-the minute news on our location and heading. Check back the next day for a full log entry.

Half Moon/River Day Flotilla Event Schedule
June 2 - June 5: "Day Zero"
Part One: Athens to Highlands | Part Two: Highlands to NY Harbor

The Half Moon travels from Athens to Gravesend Bay to prepare for the voyage. Part Two includes video.

Friday, June 5: Harbor Night and Blessing of the Fleet

6:30 PM: River Day Flotilla gathers off Battery Park.

Saturday, June 6 (Day One): New York City to Tappan Zee

8:15 AM: Flotilla gathers in New York Harbor.
9 AM-4 PM: Flotilla underway to Piermont/Tarrytown/Nyack.

Sunday, June 7 (Day Two): Tappan Zee to Newburgh/Beacon
Part One: Haverstraw Dignitaries | Part Two: West Point Salute

8-11 AM: Flotilla underway north from Piermont/Tarrytown/Nyack.
11 AM-2 PM: Flotilla vessels have midday stops in Haverstraw, Croton, or Ossining, respectively; the Half Moon lays off Croton Point.
2-6 PM: Flotilla continues underway to Newburgh/Beacon. While underway, the Half Moon returns a formal 15-gun salute with West Point. Includes video.

Monday, June 8 (Day Three): Newburgh/Beacon Layover

All heritage vessels remain at their moorings in Newburgh or Beacon, respectively, presenting various dockside programs. The Half Moon offers dockside presentations and activities in Newburgh. Includes video.

Tuesday, June 9 (Day Four): Newburgh/Beacon to Poughkeepsie

4-7 PM: Flotilla underway from Newburgh/Beacon to Poughkeepsie. Includes video.

Wednesday, June 10 (Day Five): Poughkeepsie to Kingston

4-7 PM: Flotilla underway from Poughkeepsie to Kingston.

Thursday, June 11 (Day Six): Kingston to Catskill/Athens/Hudson

11 AM-5 PM: Flotilla underway from Kingston to Catskill/Athens/Hudson.

Friday, June 12 (Day Seven): Catskill/Athens/Hudson to Castleton

12-4 PM: Flotilla underway from Catskill/Athens/Hudson to Castleton.

Saturday, June 13 (Day Eight): Castleton to Rensselaer
11 AM-12:30 PM: Flotilla underway from Castleton to Rensselaer.
12:30 PM: Flotilla arrives for festivities in Rensselaer.
Epilogue: Saturday, June 13: Rensselaer to Athens

3:30-8:15 PM: The Half Moon completes its round-trip journey.


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