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Daily Log: Friday, June 12th

Today's Events at a Glance:
Day Seven
8 AM-12 PM : Flotilla vessels remain in Catskill/Athens/Hudson locations for school groups.
12 PM: Flotilla departs.
4 PM: Arrival and cannon welcome at Castleton.
Overnight: The Half Moon docks at Coeymans Marine Terminal with the John J Harvey and Governor Cleveland.
Shoreside Activities:
8 AM-11 AM: Catskill/Athens/Hudson: Flotilla vessels offer dockside programs.
Evening: Castleton: Final night dinner, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome antique plane flyovers.
Sunset: Coeymans: Fireworks sponsored by Coeymans Marine Terminal.

The Half Moon dockside at Catskill Point.

0730 hours

Starting Position: Docked at Historic Catskill Point.
Latitude: 42˚ 12.3' N
Longitude: 073˚ 50.5' W

The John J Harvey and Governor Cleveland moored at Catskill as the Spirit of the Hudson motors past.

Day Seven of the inaugural 2009 River Day Voyage.

We've rotated more crew positions, so here's the Half Moon crew roster for this leg of the voyage: Captain Reynolds, Kipp Van Aken, Diane Carey, Keith Cardoza, Pauli Dangerousli, Randi dell'Acqua, Vicki Giles , Ewout van Grondelle, Bob Hansen, Rachel Laufer, Laura Lee Linder, Doug Lyke, John W. Mangrum, Ben Mazer, Robert F. McGuigan, Jeff Morton, Patrick E. Noonan, Alex Padalka, Russell Polo, Matthew Ricchezza, Evi Robinson, Howland Robinson, Frank Rodriques, John Swartout, and Patrick Wolfe.

0745 hours

As our crew members rub the sleep from their eyes and start their day, the Half Moon finds itself moored at Historic Catskill Point, with the John J Harvey and Governor Cleveland near at hand.

We have several special guests traveling with us to Coeymans today. The Capital News 9 journalistic team of Britt Godshalk and Dan Keese boarded after our arrival yesterday and, after spending the night on board, will spend the day broadcasting several updates from the ship. In addition, documentarian Bert Berat has returned to earn his crew shirt.

0800 hours

It's Friday morning, the end of the school week. Mr. Ricchezzi gears up for a final morning of dockside presentations for the visiting school groups.

A visitor displays his 1909 Hudson-Fulton Tricentennial medallion.
Mouse over for a closer look.

1045 hours

The public is also free to drop in, of course. This visitor came by to show us a slice of Hudson River History: a medallion from the 1909 Tricentennial Hudson-Fulton Celebration!

Below decks, the crew prepares for another day of travel. Watch Leader Laufer performs what's become a morning ritual: readying the new crew's duty roster.

1115 hours

Time for our departure briefing! Why explain what we can show? Click here for a Capital News 9 video incorporating moments from this crew meeting (external link).

With Mr. Cardoza working dockside, we cast off our lines. Just north of us, the John J Harvey and Governor Cleveland rev up their engines as well.

1130 hours

Farewell, Catskill!

As we pull away from Historic Catskill Point, we invite Ms. Godshalk to fire our parting salute.

1145 hours

The Capital News 9 team interviews Master Gunner Rodriques as he cleans the swivel gun. Click here to see their news item incorporating this salute (external link).

1215 hours

The River Day Flotilla reconvenes just south of Athens and Hudson.

1230 hours

The combination of the weekend and gorgeous weather is providing for a lovely day of sailing. As we approach Hudson, we notice a large flotilla of local recreational vessels turning out to join us.

The Clearwater joins us as we reach the town waterfront, carrying a full deck of local passengers.

Master Gunner Rodriques and Assistant Gunner Ricchezza fire a final salute to Hudson as we pass.

Our rig teams unfurl the sails in anticipation of some sailing time today.

1330 hours

Unfortunately, while the wind is indeed quite brisk, it's also northerly. The Half Moon does not easily tack against the wind, so we must continue to rely on our engine today.

We received a special delivery while we were docked in Catskill: a shipment of new safety harnesses. Now we have the time to try them out; here, Mr. van Grondelle and Captain Reynolds help Mr. Van Aken with his fine adjustments.

It might take a little time to get used to the new system!

Master Gunner Rodriques and Assistant Gunner Padalka fire a swivel salute to Coxsackie.
Mouse over to salute Coxsackie Landing.

1345 hours

We fire a salute as the River Day Flotilla parades past Coxsackie.

1400 hours

We may not be sailing, but we keep rotating rig teams stationed in the mast tops throughout the day just to keep our banners flying free.

Gunner Godshalk and Assistant Gunner McGuigan fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to salute Shady Harbor Marina.

1445 hours

As we pass Shady Harbor Marina, we already intend to fire a salute--but it turns into another prime opportunity to Godshalk and Keese to prep a report for Capital News 9.

As Ms. Robinson returns to deck...

Master Gunner Rodrques and Assistant Gunner Noonan fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to give fire!

...we continue to fire a series of swivel salutes to Shady Harbor.

1500 hours

The legacy of Gale Brownlee lives on! While Bert Berat mans the helm in the background, Britt Godshalk is still wearing a harness from rig training--like yesterday's guests, they're determined to work their way through the duty roster and earn positions as full crew.

A few moments later, we reach Coeymans and fire the first of several salutes...

A smoke ring hangs in the air.
Mouse over to linger on.

...creating the final smoke ring we'll capture on this voyage.

1515 hours

We have more places to go and people to see today, but at the end of the day several flotilla vessels, including the Half Moon, will return to Coeymans for the night.

Master Gunner Rodriques and Assistant Gunner Barthel fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to salute Coeymans.

We fire one more salute to our hosts as we move on.

Immediately north of the marina is Coeymans Marine Terminal, our specific mooring destination.

Master Gunner Rodrques and Assistant Gunner Barthel fire a swivel salute to Coeymans Marine Terminal.
Mouse over to salute tonight's hosts
at Coeymans Marine Terminal.

We fire a passing salute to them as well, naturally.

1530 hours

Crowds present a welcome banner at Schodack Island State Park.
Mouse over to read the fine print.

We soon reach Schodack Island State Park, where a crowd hasn't just gathered--they've prepared a message for the flotilla!

1600 hours

The Flotilla has reached Castleton, our northernmost destination for the day.

The Half Moon makes a 180-degree turn from north to south.
Mouse over to change course.

When we reach Henry Hudson Park, the Half Moon comes about to head back downriver.

The Onrust passes by.

1615 hours

As we backtrack, we pass the rest of the River Day Flotilla, which offers excellent views of the other vessels.

Now making our return run past Castleton, the gun team prepares a series of salutes.

The John J Harvey displays its water cannons.
Mouse over to see the display.

The John J Harvey once again turns on the waterworks to mark the celebration.

The appreciative crowd fires several salutes to the flotilla as well!

Mouse over to salute Castleton.

We returned their salutes with more of our own. See if you can spot their cannon fire in the scene to the left.

Give fire!

Master Gunner Rodrques and Gunner Ricchezza fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to give fire!

Give fire!

Several flotilla vessels will remain here in Castleton overnight, but for a few, the day's journey continues.

Watch Leader Laufer fills in Mr. Mc's line handling diagram.
Mouse over for a closer look.

1630 hours

While these logs are admittedly full of smoke and gunpowder, the River Day Voyage isn't just one cannon salute after another; continues on board the ship. New crew member McGuigan has been busy for days preparing a special project of his own: a pinrail diagram for the Half Moon's sail handlers.

Having created the diagram, he hands it over to more experienced crew member Laufer to correctly label each running line.

Master Gunner Rodrques and Assistant Gunner Noonan fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to salute our hosts.

1700 hours

The Half Moon has returned to the Coeymans Marine Terminal, and we fire another series of salutes to mark our arrival.

The Onrust has escorted us downriver as well, though they'll soon turn back north to Castleton.

Master Gunner Rodrques and Assistant Gunner Noonan fire a swivel salute.
Mouse over to give fire!

Give fire! to a final salute before we reach the dock.

Mr. Dangerousli hops on shore to help handle our docklines.

1715 hours

Ending Position: Docked at Coeymans Marine Terminal, Coeymans.
Latitude: 42˚ 28.9' N
Longitude: 073˚ 47.3' W

As the day comes to an end, the Half Moon, John J Harvey, and Governor Cleveland are all nestled next to each other at the dock. (The Governor Cleveland is in fact moored alongside the John J Harvey.)

1745 hours

With another leg of the journey behind us, we bid a fond farewell to our special guests. Bert Berat and Britt Godshalk have indeed earned their official orange crew shirts, but Dan Keese has been too busy shooting and editing reports to partipate (the photographer's lament). Instead, he receives a warm handshake and an invitation anytime to return for another sail.

Mr. Rodriques' salute goes off with a bang.
Mouse over for a final salute!

As the crew wraps up for the evening and steps on shore, Master Gunner Rodriques improvises one more celebratory salute.

1845 hours

Nearby, River Day contributors have set up a feast for the final night dinner.

Vessel crews and the eager public mingle freely over barbeque, burgers, and ice-cold drinks.

1945 hours

After dinner, the crowd shifts back to the dock to view the gathered ships.

2000 hours

Sunset provides one last opportunity to visit our neighboring vessels. The crews of the John J Harvey and Governor Cleveland have opened their ships to the public, and our crew swoops in for a look around.

Fireworks at Coeymans.
Mouse over for the fireworks.

2130 hours

Finally, we all sit back and relax as the final night of the 2009 River Day Voyage ends with a fireworks display, courtesy of our hosts at the Coeymans Marine Terminal.

Next Time: The Voyage Concludes.

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