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You can now follow the real-time sailing track of the Half Moon on the left-hand map below, courtesy of Marine Traffic (external link). Note that the ship's position is available only while we maintain an active internet connection, so don't be alarmed if you can't find us. Marine Traffic updates the ship's track (course of travel) every few minutes whenever we're active. If we're underway but our track isn't visible, left-click on the Half Moon's purple map icon to bring up a data window, then click on Show Vessel's Track in that window's lower left-hand corner.

However, Marine Traffic only tracks the previous 20 hours of activity. To show the entire course of our voyage, we capture our own positioning data and create permanent archives. We'll update the archive at the end of each night. The archive currently shows our voyage through September 17th.

To see more (including the ability to zoom in closer on the map), visit our page on the Marine Traffic website. Elsewhere on their web site you can view other vessels and major ports worldwide. We are experimenting with a host of educational applications for this live tracking feature, and welcome feedback from your observations and thoughts about how to use it.

Live Tracking
Track Archive

Note: Whenever we aren't transmitting a signal from the Half Moon (as will happen in low-service areas), the live tracking map directly above defaults to the Marine Traffic headquarters in Greece. If we ever actually do sail to the Mediterranean, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

Note: Whenever we lose our internet connection, the archive loses waypoints, defaulting to an "as the crow flies" route to connect known points. If the archive track shows us sailing straight across dry land, alas, we are probably not actually doing so.

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