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Daily Log: Friday, September 16

0700 hours

Starting Position: Anchored off Saugerties, NY.
Latitude: N 42˚ 04.6'
Longitude: W 073˚ 55.5'

Day Three of the second leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery.

Enjoy the day in pictures as we begin our data collection layover and celebrate two birthdays in one!

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0815 hours






0900 hours


1030 hours


1045 hours



1115 hours



1130 hours






1215 hours



1230 hours


1245 hours


1300 hours


1330 hours


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The anchor lowers to the waterline.


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1145 hours

Starting Position: Anchored at Athens Channel.
Latitude: N 42˚ 16.1'
Longitude: W 073˚ 48.1'

1415 hours


1600 hours


1730 hours



1845 hours





1900 hours


1915 hours





Mouse over to light the lantern!
Captain Reynolds, Danielle Stevens, and Robbert Fehmers light a Chinese lantern.

2030 hours



Next Time: Data collection!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 16th, 1609

The crew of d'Halve Maen spends the day anchored within sight of the Catskills. After a disappointing attempt at fishing, they spend the rest of the morning trading with the Mohicans for corn, pumpkins, and tobacco. After the crew spends the afternoon replenishing the ship's stores of fresh water, the ship weighs anchor in the evening and continues upriver another forty miles, anchoring somewhere in the vicinity of modern Athens/Hudson or Coxsackie.

The sixteenth, faire and very hot weather. In the morning our Boat went againe to fishing, but could catch but few, by reason their Canoes had been there all night. This morning the people came aboord, and brought vs ears of Indian Corne, and Pompions, and Tabacco; which wee bought for trifles. Wee rode still all day, and filled fresh water; at night wee weighed and went two leagues higher, and had shoaled water; so wee anchored till day.

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