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Don't think that wood work is all that is happening. Here, Roberta Read and Mary Cosgrove work on their seizings for a new jacob's ladder. One of many rigging projects we need to complete.


Learning the Ropes

It takes some practice to reawaken skills that have gone unused for a while. Janine refreshes Roberta and Mary in clapping on seizings.

Intent on their Work

Some level of intensity is required to get the rigging done correctly.

Alumni Association at Work

Our alumni association is hard at work on several projects; here you may see them in the workshop dockside painting.

Other Work

Uwe Heuer is keeping a good eye on the scraping and preping of the lion heads. Tecla Heuer takes a break from the galley by breaking a sweat. Janneke Mantel details a lion head. We make a great team.