New Netherland: Voyage of Discovery Order Form


The lesson plans use primary documents, raw data from the operation of the

replica Half Moon, and well-designed exercises, and may be used in their entirety

or as stand-alone lessons. Subjects covered include History, Geography,

Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Reading.



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Please indicate number of copies desired below:

_ New Netherland: An Exploration of Past and Present

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for the 4th Grade ($20/copy, including S&H)

_New Netherland: An Exploration of a Dutch Colonial Settlement

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for the 7th Grade ($30/copy, including S&H)

_Indians of the Hudson Valley: An Exploration of Indian Life: Before, During, and After

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Late Elementary and Early Middle Grades ($35/copy, including S&H)


Please make your check payable to the New Netherland Museum. The payment is all
inclusive of purchase, taxes and shipping/handling. Mail the check and this form to:


New Netherland Museum

P.O. Box 10609

Albany, NY 12201